Wheels on the Bus Dance Game

‘The wheels on the bus go round and round….’ Sara’s 3 year old daughter was glued to her mommy’s iPad, listening to her favourite wheels on the bus song (on loop!)

Even though Sara did not mind her daughter watching kids songs and nursery rhymes on her iPad, she was getting concerned that her daughter was not doing as much physical activity as she did before the iPad came in. Sara would find her daughter glued on to her ipad screen for hours and nowadays it was getting difficult to take away the iPad from her without getting any tantrums!

When Sara shared this problem with us, we were already brainstorming on how to enter the Kids songs and Nursery rhymes market. With billions of views on a single ‘the wheels on the bus’ video and similar stats on other popular kids songs, kids content is one of the largest category on Youtube in terms of views.

The Eureka moment –
With Sara’s concerns, our research data on Nursery rhymes & kids songs and the success of our motion recognition technology in our recent learning app Learn with Kaju, we hit an blockbuster idea that would not only get Sara’s daughter on her feet, but she could do so while listening to her same favourite bus song – The Wheels on the Bus go round and round!

What did we do exactly?

When we combined our cool new motion recognition technology with an animated dance video of the kids song, it was magic!
Wheels on the Bus is not Just a dance game for kids, but it also helps them learn their favourite kids songs and nursery rhymes while singing and dancing

Click here to watch the video of children dancing on the song ‘Wheels on the Bus go round and round…’

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