Cyber Monday deals for 2017

With Cyber Monday just a few days away, I’m sure everybody must be busy planning their shopping list for the sale!

Be it a new iPhone, a new Tv or an iPad, there is no better time than the Cyber Monday sale to get awesome discounts on these gadgets.

I know you must have gone through various bestbuy, amazon cyber monday deals, but no matter whom the gifts are for, it’s the children in the house who will be the most excited about them every single time!

So keeping this in mind I have compiled a list of items you can get during this cyber monday deals sale which children no doubt love, but these gadgets will also help the kids remain active and healthy! (with Kaju apps)

Here is the list of top 5 items you can get during the cyber monday 2017 sale day –
1) The new iPhone
2) iPad
3) Android Phone 
4) Chromecast
5) Android Tv

To play Kaju games on any of these devices, Children will be encouraged to get off their seats and on their feet, thus keeping them healthy and physically active even during their screen time!

click here to get the links to different Kaju game

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