Choose Yakima Roof Rack for Your Vehicle for Enjoying Off Road Journey

Yakima Roof RackThose who love off roading, are aware that tools, accessories is everything – which means they carry a lot of stuff and the one place they rely on to carry the maximum, is the roof which is why they choose Yakima roof rack for their vehicle for enjoying off road journey and experience.

Off-roading is a very rugged activity that involves taking your vehicle into places where perhaps no one has been to in a long time. There are no roads only dirt tracks and often times, even those aren’t there. There are no street lamps and the terrain is rough, filled with boulders, large stones, there are dips, holes in the ground and more often than not, you have to cross small rivers and streams full of rocks and stones. Essentially, off roading is all about making your own track.

With the vehicle shaking like a boat in high seas except this would be even more jarring – your bones rattle, your teeth rattle! Imagine if you had some gear stowed away on the roof it would be thrown off the roof the moment your vehicle hit the dirt track that is, unless you had the right roof rack – which is why off-roading hero’s choose the best – they choose Yakima roof rack for their vehicle for enjoying off road journey and experience.

The roof rack used during an off road event needs to be tough as nails, or at least as tough as the rocks over which your vehicle will be travelling. This is why Yakima fits the requirement. The Yakima roof rack hardware installs directly on to the cross bar mounting points your vehicle’s rack. The Yakima Roof Racks Perth even fits vehicle models equipped with a sunroof. Ask for the Yakima off road roof rack – it includes two load bars, four towers and the complete vehicle specific landing pad kits. You also need to buy the optional locks which are available separately in match sets.

Yakima Roof Racks Perth is the first choice of true off road heroes because Yakima produces uniquely engineered, vehicle specific Landing Pad sets. Why landing pad are sets so vital? See, the Landing Pads interface between the Yakima SkyLine Tower and the vehicle’s rack connection points on the roof. These pads attach to the vehicle and SkyLine Towers secure to the pad sets. This creates a secure connection all round ensuring your Rola Racks Online stays steady and strong during the rough journey.

It is a well know and acknowledged fact that the Yakima SkyLine Towers offers a quick and secure connection to the landing pads for a worry free rack system that is ideal for off roading. Removing it is easy too because the SkyLine Tower removes or connects to the landing pad by simply opening or closing the tower cover. The tower also features BarBed with pitch adjustment that levels the front and rear crossbar to adapt to the curved styling of modern vehicle roof lines.

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