Buy Five Port USB Desktop Charger At Under $15

Liztek WC5P40W 5 Port USB Desktop Charging Station is available on Amazon for just $14.95. It can charge any combination of device simultaneously. It brings lots of ease without burdening your pocket.

These days we have surrounded ourselves with so many devices, be it a laptop, a smartphone, a Bluetooth speaker, iPod, tab, digital cameras and the list is endless. One thing common in such devices is the way of charging, most devices nowadays uses USB to supply charging to the device. Even many sophisticated kids toys are using this mode to supply power to the electric toys, it not only makes it easy to charge but also sway away the hassle of changing batteries again and again. Considering this fact, multiple port desktop chargers have entered the market bringing lots of convenience to the user. With the growing trend it’s become a essential need for every home as with this Usb Charger you can make charging hub in your house where you plug in your device for charging. With such adept hub, it’s a relief for the people who plug in and forget the place where they kept their device, moreover it also helps to save electricity.
Liztek has come up with a five port USB Desktop Charger Hub at Under $15, bringing such efficacious device in reach of every pocket. Yes, that’s true, now you need not to spend a hefty amount to luxuriate the facility of charging multiple via single charger. Liztek WC5P40W 5 Port USB Desktop Charging Station is available on Amazon for just $14.95. The Usb Charger is empowered with SmartLiz technology, detecting your device and supplying the power accordingly. Liztek WC5P40W is competent to deliver power upto 2.4 amps per port. The device is loaded with all the safety features such as:
• No Overheating
• No Short Circuit
• No Overcharging
• Industry Grade Materials
• UL Design
All the aforementioned features ensures your and your devices safety during charging. The device is competent to charge combination of devices with different operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows.
To know more about the device please log on to the AMAZON.

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