Radhe Chatpata Offering Delicious Hot Food to Cool Your Mind Down

Do you think hot curry on a hot day can make you sweat all day long? Is hot food something you should eat only in cool days? You may not want to try hot dishes when the temperature is soaring and humidity is too high and making things very sticky. Have you ever thought about the nations like India where climate is too hot but people still love hot and spicy soups? What are they enjoying in India and other country? Scorching soups, curries, tongue-burning Gujarati restaurant in Blacktown are the best staples in Indian menu.  There are different reasons why residents of hot places in the world prefer spicy dishes.

Scientific Reasons

When you enjoy hot and spicy vegetarian pizza Blacktown, your core body temperature matches the outside temperature of the body. It can raise your blood circulation to make you sweat and you cool off when your perspiration evaporates. It is a simple science. People living in the hot countries in the world love spicy food to cool down.

You may obviously want to cool down with iced tea or big ice cream bowl or a few big slices of cold watermelon. Though none of these causes any harm but their effect won’t last longer than if you have a yummy curry. It cools your body temperature too soon and your body will compensate obviously by increasing core temperature. So, you will basically feel even hotter.

Tips to Cool Down Your Mouth

So, you are ready to try a hot Indian curry? Now you are wondering about feeling the burn in your tongue. Here, the key is to do the opposite of what you want. When your mouth is soaring hot, don’t drink cold water. Simply order a lassi or drink a glass of milk when your tongue is firing hot. Dairy foods have a protein named casein. It breaks all the spicy elements down of the chilli so the heat is washed off.

This is the reason most Indian menus have dairy items like cream, sour cream, and yoghurt. You can also enjoy some chocolate milk shake as the sugar and fat can help break the capsaicin down as it is soluble in fat and sugar can neutralize its heat.

Want to go hotter?

Why not you enjoy some of the hot dishes on Radhe Chatpata’s vegetarian menu this summer? You would definitely like to enjoy spicy Punjabi food and Gujarati menu. You may order a delicious yoghurt-based drink ‘Lassi” and enjoy it with your favorite meals.

Radhe Chatpata House is the best Vegetarian restaurant in Blacktown where you can find exciting range of lip-smacking Indian dishes, street food, curries and snacks for you and your family. It has the menus from all parts of India to remind you of authentic Indian taste that you have been missing for years. Get the nostalgic feel of Gujarati, Indo-Chinese, Mumbai, Punjabi, South Indian, Chaat, and other dishes at Radhe Chatpata. It is the authentic Indian restaurant located in Blacktown.

Ph: 8625 1936

Website – http://radhechatpatahouse.com.au/

Address – 40 Third Avenue Blacktown, Australia

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