Everyone is talking about “The Desuperheater” But what does it mean?

Superheated steam is a steam that is at a temperature higher than the normal temperature for the steam pressure. For instance, steam at a pressure of 3 bar g has a saturation temperature of 143.762°C. If further heat is added to this steam and the pressure remained at 3 bar g, it would become superheated. So, desuperheating is the method by which superheated steam is restored to its saturated state, or the superheat temperature is reduced.

MANOR, a five year young company, leaded by a group of technocrats, emerged with a vital directive of presenting state of the art goods and services in the field of Energy Savings. MANOR is a partner of well-known company MANIK ENGINEERS – PUNE, the leading manufacturers of different kinds of accessories and controls which are required for application in AC & R and many more Industries.

With the huge experience of MANOR’S Guru in the Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Industry, MANOR has selected “Waste Heat Recovery through AC & R Compressors” as the measure to achieve large energy savings in the industries like Dairy & Food Beverages, Hotel & Hospitality, Pharmacy & Chemical, Textile and Specialty Hospitals etc. The “Desuperheater Water heater” produced by MANOR has emerged as the most benefitted device for an AC & R plant that Enhances compressor’s reliability, performance and long life and also delivers Free of Cost Hot Water and besides other concealed benefits.

What is Manor’s Desuperheater?

Manor’s “Desuperheater Water Heater ” is a unique heat exchanger that produce hot water/ fluid to the highest temperature of 80?. The fluid /water can be boiled or heated by recovering the superheat of the refrigerant gas which is otherwise wasted to the environment through air/ water cooled condensers. The generated heat is regained with almost zero operating cost.

Desuperheater Design

Double Walled “Tube in Tube “, vented, counter flow heat exchanger. Vent tube have serrations on outer & inner surfaces to avoid cross contamination of water/ fluid and refrigerant. Each and every tube has a tube inside it that allows water/ fluid to travel in an opposite direction.

The Desuperheater Water Heater is actually installed before the oil separator and the condenser. The refrigerant gas travels through the series of different tubes in the Desuperheater device before it enters the condenser. Normally the Desuperheater Water heater is manufactured considering the hot/warm water requirement for the processes. When needs of  refrigeration & hot water are not simultaneous, a ” Recirculation ” type system is provided where hot water is generated, stored & maintained in an insulated tank. The hot water generated then can be utilized as and when required by the customers.

The Desuperheater water heater can be easily modified on reciprocating, screw or scroll type chillers.

Benefits of Manors Desuperheater Water Heater:

  1. A) Desuperheater Water Heater removes the superheat from the refrigerant Gas and reduces required Cooling Water flow in the condenser. This subsequently reduces:
  • Water loss through Cooling Tower circulation.
  • Power consumption in Cooling Water Pump & Cooling Tower fan.
  • Wear & tear of Cooling Water Pump & Cooling Tower fan.
  1. B) Reduction in condenser pump power consumption.
  2. C) Hot Water that is generated from the Desuperheater water heater will be used as “Preheated Boiler Water.” This will minimize Boiler Operating Hours. This subsequently reduces:
  • Power consumption and Wear & tear in Combustion Air Fan, Fuel Pump,  & Water pump
  • Consumption of Fuel through Burners etc.
  • Frequent Scaling of tubes
  • Desuperheater Water Heater Segement Wise Applications :


  • Sterilizing/ Water for Bathing/ Laundries Kitchens


  • Dehumidifiers/ Autoclaves/ Calorifiers/ Air Preheating/ Boiler Feed/  Tablate Coating Machines


  • Hygienic Washing & Cleaning/ Boiler Feed/ Chocolate Tracing/ Powder Drying/ Dehumidifiers


  • Dehumidifiers/ Yarn Drying/ Preheating/ Boiler Feed


Boiler Feed/ Degreasing/ Washing & Cleaning/ Paint Shop Processes use Desuperheater

Why Manor’s Desuperheater?


Customer Delight Our Mission: Our organization operates on the core values of the innovation, quality and customer delight. This is achieved through our highly professional team of customer support engineers who exceed customer expectations all the time.

At Manor we regularly help our customers lead through constantly listening and extending the best possible solution to the customer. We also conduct External Customer Satisfaction Survey to validate the Satisfaction Level of Customers. The feedback received from customer is very valuable for us and this keeps us motivated.

That is Manor’s unending mission called Customer Delight.





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