Tcore Plus praying about  that but you want to be praying for one  another all the time because the fact is  and you know this you know this your  wife is not on an average on an average  she is not as sexual as you are you you  think about *** four times more four to  six times more an hour than she does  she might have a thought about *** once  every two hours I don’t know what she  thinks about the rest of the time but  you have a lot more thoughts remember  what we said I’m a man I have different  needs and thoughts than yours God made  me this way God made the man to be to be  driven sexually more than a woman that’s  no that’s no news to us but what happens  is when we’re not living as servants you  as a wife you can take that personally  you can look at your husband and say why  are you such a pervert and you look at  them and you go is that all you think  about yeah  and food  now again I’m not saying every single  man but on an average again like I said  the last time that we were together  there are some cases as rare as they  might be where the woman is more sexual  than the man and I told you if you’re  married.

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