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Add Las Vegas oddsmakers to the growing accumulation of NBA Live Coins haters carper the Boston Celtics in the 2017 NBA playoffs.The Celtics bound up the No. 1 berry in the Eastern Appointment by acceptable its regular-season finale, but that doesn’t mean Boston is heavily favored. While some are calling the Celtics the affliction No. 1 berry in NBA history,

Vegas oddsmakers bogus Boston a about low -480 admired to Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins win its first-round alternation adjoin the Chicago Bulls.MORE: Championship allowance for every NBA playoff teamIn comparison, the Lebron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers check in at huge -2000 favorites as the No. 2 seed. Out West, the top-seed Aureate Accompaniment Warriors (-7000) and San Antonio Spurs (-1000) are aswell behemothic favorites.

Cleveland and San Antonio anniversary won Adventurous 1 in their corresponding series.Despite losing Adventurous 1, the Raptors (-150) and Clippers (-240) are still favorites to win adjoin the Bucks and Jazz, respectively.Here are the latest allowance for every first-round alternation as of Sunday, April 16, via Vegas Insider.NBA playoff odds: Eastern Appointment seriesThe first-round is a best of seven series (2-2-1-1-1).8-Chicago vs.

1-Boston1-Celtics (-480)8-Bulls (+380)7-Indiana vs. 2-Cleveland (Cavs beforehand 1-0)Cavaliers (-2000)Pacers (+1000)6-Milwaukee vs. 3-Toronto (Bucks beforehand 1-0)Raptors (-150)Bucks (+130)5-Atlanta vs. 4-WashingtonWizards (-240)Hawks (+200) MORE: Sporting News NBA biographer Sean Deveney unveils his East picksNBA playoff odds: Western Appointment series8-Portland vs. 1-Golden StateWarriors (-7000)


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