Business for sale in UAE: Your guide

Starting a new business is always exciting and rewarding in the long run. As an ambitious business owner, you would definitely like to take your business to the most happening places in the world like Dubai because UAE is one of the friendliest countries as far as ease of doing business is concerned. Current business trends and opportunities will lure you to go for investment in Dubai for better future growth and return on investments. Also, it is worthwhile to consider buying a related business for business expansion as there are hundreds of businesses for sale in UAE to choose from.


To succeed in your venture you should get in touch with a UAE national as your local sponsor. It has many advantages. The person can help you in getting acquainted with factors that are necessary to start a business here. There are many locally registered LLC businesses in Dubai and other emirates in UAE that can be either purchased or leased to run your independent business. If you get along with a sponsor, a local UAE national then he or she will be 51% partner in your business. This gives you the freedom to choose your location and the sponsor will help you in sorting out legal issues or any other factors like communicating in local language or getting you ready as per the cultural and social norms.


You should select a free zone that offers several advantages. There are free-trade zones in the UAE like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah with special tax, imports and customs regulations that help the new businesses to a great extent. You may not need help of a local sponsor if you start your business in one of these free zones. You enjoy complete ownership of your business, can start the business fast and also enjoy the benefits of duty free customs regulations. One word of caution for you: always look for the locations and available infrastructure and preconditions.


It is not always possible to locate your business in free trade zone, for example if you wish to open a restaurant or a retail store. In that case you will have to select a location that will optimise convenience, cost and suitability. It should be a place where your customers or clients can reach you. More the visibility of the place the better it is. You would get a business for sale in UAE that matches your type of products or services and even the location that you are exactly looking for.


There are few factors like bank charges, choosing the license category, etc. that you should do very carefully. Also, when you are opting for local sponsor then move ahead only after signing the legal agreement. Do your own research and do not depend blindly on published data.


Choosing just any business for sale in UAE will not be the right thing to do when you plan to make investment in Dubai. Take help of a good business networking website where legitimate business proposals are uploaded by entrepreneurs and you can find out the right opportunity as per your budget, preference and other selection criteria. These websites will help you with their years of experience in handling the legal factors, preparing the contract document and guide you till the deal is finalised.


Business for sale in UAE  can be found online. If you are searching for avenues for  investment in Dubai then browse the listings in online business networking platforms.


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