Liztek Bluetooth Receiver Now Available On Walmart

Now endow your old stereos the power of Bluetooth with Liztek PSS-AR01 Bluetooth Music Receiver, it’s easy to connect, range upto 33 ft and compatible with different devices.

Technology is advancing at a very fast pace, inventing gadgets not only with advanced features but also the one supporting your old gadgets and empowering the features of the latest one. One such device is Bluetooth receiver adding the features of Bluetooth to your gadgets. Bluetooth receiver is a device specifically design to receive upto 2.4 GHz from other compatible Bluetooth devices. It helps to quick share files from one device to another without using internet. It’s a perfect gadget for the people who do not want to change their old device but want to add the feature of Bluetooth in it.

Liztek is one of the finest brand manufacturing number of computer auxiliaries and many other gadgets. The brand is known for its quality products that has earned it trust of millions of its customers. Liztek product line includes Bluetooth receiver which has got an overwhelming response and recently the company has made it available on one of the leading e-commerce portal Walmart. By bringing the Liztek PSS-AR01 Bluetooth Music Receiver on e-commerce platform the brand has made it quite convenient for the buyers to reach the device even from remote places. As one can facilely place the order without even stepping out of home and the device would be delivered directly to the given address.

Features Of Liztek PSS-AR01 Bluetooth Receiver:-
• Easy To Connect: The Bluetooth receiver has got 3.5 mm male and female jacks that can be facilely connect any stereo, music player and headphone and empower it with feature of Bluetooth.
• Wide Range: After connecting your device with Bluetooth receiver you can easily pair it with your smartphone or laptop or desktop and get a wide range of upto 33 ft.
• Compatibility: The device is compatible to connect with different devices having different operating systems making easy to enjoy the music from different devices.
• Smooth Streaming: Users gets the smooth streaming of music file giving a nice and hassle-free experience.
• LED: It has got blue and red led indicating the power and pairing of the device.
• Rechargeable Battery: Loaded with rechargeable battery that connects via USB cable for charging.
Overall it’s a tiny and cost effective solution to empower your old music players with Bluetooth. To know more about the device or to make a purchase simply log on to Walmart.

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