Enjoy Your Christmas Holidays amidst Pandas with AboslutePanda


Street –Room 4014, Building NO.2
City –Chengdu
Zip Code –610021
State –
Country– China
Telephone – 0086-28-85214086
Fax –0086-28-85214086
Website – http://www.absolutepanda.com/

Chengdu (China), 1st November 2017: AbsolutePanda brings to you an opportunity to spend your Christmas holidays amidst the cute giant pandas. You will not only get a glimpse of several giant pandas, but also a chance to volunteer them in the Dujiangyan Panda Base, which is situated in Chengdu, China. The panda tours they arrange are not just affordable, but customizable as well. Hence, you can have a word with their officials and customize a trip according to you or your family members’ comfort and wish.

When asked about the Chengdu Panda Tour to Jessica Stayton, she said, “Whenever I saw a panda video on Facebook, I felt like pulling these cute creatures out of my mobile/computer screen and cuddling them. And honestly, I still want to pet one; but I know that’s impossible. However, after seeing my fanaticism for pandas, my father surprised me by booking a panda tour from AbsolutePanda. I was super happy and at the same time worried about my safety. But, I must say that the guide was amazing; he took immense care of everyone who went for the tour. The accommodation and meals they provided were good as well. And the best part is that the entire package wasn’t expensive at all. Overall, I enjoyed a lot and I’m looking forward to booking their China adventure tours.”

Types of Panda Tours Offered by AbsolutePanda

AbsolutePanda basically arranged three types of Chengdu panda tours:

  1. China Panda Volunteer Keeper Day-tour
  2. Panda Base & Cooking Class Tour
  3. China Panda base & Sanxingdui Museum Day-tour

Apart from arranging panda tours, there are a couple of other China adventure tours too that they can arrange, such as snow leopard photography, wildlife safari, etc. To know more about it, check their official website http://www.absolutepanda.com.

About: AbsolutePanda is a well-known Chengdu-based travel company that organizes adventure tours in some of the most popular provinces in China such as Yunnan, Qinghai and Sichuan. From customizing wildlife, adventure and panda tours to offering amazing facilities, they do everything within a reasonable budget. To know more about their winter tours, call them at +86 2885214086 now.


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