Dealing with growing babies- Not getting accustomed to arm

The growth of a baby is appreciated almost from day to day, surely you are amazed at how you are improving your abilities. The development of the baby and his abilities are manifested mainly during his first two years of life. One of the main issues that mothers these days face is their babies continually wanting to be in their arms.

All moms know the importance of holding our children in their arms and that they have a physical contact with us to feel protected. For every baby, her mother is the solution to all her ills, but your son may get used to it and want to leave us neither sun nor shade. When is it reasonable to hold them?

Some babies are, by nature, more demanding than others, often cry, not to cover their physiological needs, but by loneliness or a sense of insecurity. Many mothers have to carry their children while we clean the dust, eat or pee. As soon as our vision loses, the child bellows because he does not want to be alone and dramatically limits the possibility of performing other tasks. We tell you what to do when the baby just wants to be in his arms.

The baby who just wants to be in the arms or dependency of the baby

In the beginning, we can all understand these demands. This dependence is normal, but as they grow they must learn to adapt to the world: to their cradle, to external stimuli, to the presence of third persons, etc. and to do this, we must deal with the situation with patience.

You have to get accustomed little by little to make your kid feel safe outside our arms. We can start by putting him in a stroller and take him to where we are so he can keep us in mind, but not carry them in the least complaining. We should not let them take a tantrum with our indifference, but we can help them learn to wait for a little before getting what they expect.

Experts from popular portal Baby Pillars say that “We can offer them entertainments: a little toy, a piece of bread so that they learn to relax and not to be always waiting for us. The result will depend mainly on the baby’s personality, but we have to keep in mind that habits and customs are also learned.”

The baby has to start exploring, to play, and to be more independent, although the hugs and affections that we give them will continue to be very important. The issue is to provide them with what is necessary, to yield to their demand for arms when a situation of insecurity occurs or when it is reasonable. The baby should progressively endure that we cannot meet their needs at all times.

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