A new and innovative way of making your own UK Visa application without an expensive immigration lawyer or attorney

A new and innovative way of making your own UK Visa application without an expensive immigration lawyer or attorney

About DIY UK Immigration Services

DIY UK Immigration Services Limited® also known as DIY UK is the first UK based Immigration Company to provide legal templates exclusively for the UK immigration market place. DIY UK Immigration Services has recognised that there is a huge gap in the market between those employing expensive lawyers or attorneys to prepare their UK immigration applications and those brave or foolish enough to try and make their own applications. The company acknowledges that the online legal template market is growing year by year. Yet, no one until now exclusively provides UK based immigration templates.

DIY UK has not only made available legal templates that were not previously available but they also have introduced a new and innovative way of helping others make their own UK visa or leave to remain applications without the need for an expensive immigration lawyer or attorney. DIY UK provides immigration templates, self-checking tools, document checklists and other UK immigration services. Their products and services have been exclusively designed and developed by experienced UK immigration lawyers. DIY UK now offers a cost-effective way for everyone to make their own UK immigration applications.


Making a spouse visa application without a lawyer or attorney can be a daunting process, due to the volume of evidence required and complicated UK immigration rules you need to meet. This is where DIY UK Immigration Services comes in. They can provide everything you need to prepare and submit your own UK visa or leave to remain application.

A DIY UK spokesperson has stated that a lot of thought and effort has been put into developing their products and services. DIY UK Immigration Services only work with specialist immigration lawyers who are undoubtedly experts in their field. They have utilised their vast knowledge and experience spanning over 16 years to develop bespoke products and self-help tools that are designed to help others make their own successful immigration applications. DIY UK are confident that anyone using their products and services will find everything they need to make their own successful application.

For more information about DIY UK Immigration Services visit their website at: https://www.diyukimmigrationservices.com or contact Katie Brownhill the company’s Marketing Manager at Kbrownhill@diyukimmigrationservices.com.


Company: DIY UK Immigration Services Limited

Contact: Katie Brownhill – Kbrownhill@diyukimmigrationservices.com

Country: United Kingdom

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