Unraveling Health Care Part 2 – Back to Basics of Healing


Health care is a hot topic today. There are escalating costs, insurers pulling out of markets, and huge uncertainty about the direction of medicine. Where are the needs of the patients in all of this turmoil? Are patients really getting the care they need and deserve?


Dr. Rita Kumar has decades of experience dealing with the various aspects of our www.website.com health care system and her international knowledge gives her insight into how health care works in other countries as well. In Time Magazine’s article, “Faith & Healing,” Kumar was quoted as saying, “If physical symptoms are treated without caring for the mind and the soul, the body will die. I believe what we are thinking changes our body. But we must subject mind/body/spirit medicine to the same standards as anything else. We must remember that this is only about healing.”


How those words pierce through the tumult of today’s health care as there are so many competing interests of doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, care givers, regulators, pharmaceutical companies, and a host of other services and products ancillary to health care that all must remember “this is only about healing.” Most of those competing interests seem to forget that the most important aspect of health care is the patients. Health Care has become big business. The growth of the health care industry seems assured as baby boomers are the largest segment of the population and their bodies are breaking down in record numbers. The crisis is on the horizon and may bankrupt our system unless drastic measures are taken to reduce costs and improve results.


Dr. Rita Kumar is ready to usher in the new era in health care where we get back to the basics of treating the entire patient’s needs starting with putting responsibility for wellness back into the hands of the patient. “Each patient must take charge of their own health,” says Kumar. She knows what she is talking about having been diagnosed with her own health issues just a few years back, that caused her to briefly retire from medicine. She has 30 years of experience treating her own body with a variety of therapies that all have something to offer.


Her dream focuses on the happiness of her family and her patients. To achieve that dream she emerged from retirement to enter a new phase of life where she can even better serve others. “I have suffered and I want my patients not to suffer.” So she views health care from the patient’s perspective. She questions every drug given to a patient with the hope to wean them off excessive chemicals whenever possible and replace and treat the root causes of symptoms by guiding patients to include life changes such as individually tailored exercise, nutritious food choices, proper cooking methods, and mindful meditation throughout the day.


She begins by getting back to the basics with total bloodwork, medical history, weight, and nutrition. This may not be the most profitable approach to health care, but it certainly is the most humane. In Kumar’s philosophy, “Medicine is not for capitalization, it is for helping.” So much of what she does is for prevention so that acute care is not necessary, but when it is, Dr. Kumar employs the latest technologies to save lives.


Fresh back from retirement and at the peak of her knowledge she says, “This part of my life is to focus on my patients’ health and well-being utilizing all methodologies available.” She accepts all insurance as well as having affordable cash prices that will once again attract clients from all over the world.


Dr. Kumar is available to see patients and takes all forms of health insurance or a $50 cash payment. She is conveniently located in Century City (310) 843-9451.


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