Use USB To HDMI Graphic Adapter Card For Connecting Your Computer To A TV

Graphics Adapter Card helps to connect multiple monitors and gives high-resolution graphics. Liztek 3400D is competent enough to connect up to six monitors, has got USB 2.0 and 3.0 for easy connectivity and has got both VGA and HDMI adapter in the box.

With increasing use of technology in day to day life, there are good chances of the need to share video and image files on big screen TV. Whether it’s for playing high-tech video games, connecting large screen for promoting goods or services, to enjoy viewing your personal image and video files with friends and family. The LCD TVs consist a port called HDMI, also used to connect graphics card adapter to TVs.
What is graphics adapter card?
A graphics adapter card is an expansion card, generating a feed of output image to be displayed on Monitor. It is also known as the graphics card, video card, display adapter, graphics board, and graphics adapter.
How to connect your computer to TV with graphics adapter card?
If your PC does not consist an HDMI output, then it’s time to install new graphics adapter card to troubleshoot this ado. Although, when seeking for the graphics card, you should keep in mind that the output matches of that your computer and has both HDMI as well as VGA output. After getting a standard graphics adapter card you can facilely connect the TV and PC with the help of chords provided with the set.
Liztek 3400D Graphic Adapter Card is one of the most preferred tech geeks. It’s one of the leading devices in its segment and is known to give the desired results. It’s a small and handy device and can be facilely carried in your pocket. Competent enough to connect three or more screens to your laptop or desktop and can connect up to six screens in Windows PCs, however, it will require an adapter per screen.
It’s quite easy to use, simply plug & play, no drivers are needed to be installed. For easy connectivity, along with the graphics adapter card comes the USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 chords and it offers widest possible monitor support through DVI-I output with both VGA and HDMI adapters included in the box. Overall it’s a perfect solution to those who want to enjoy high-resolution graphics on multiple screens,
To know more about the device, simply log on to Amazon.

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