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21st Oct 2017 – Any activity will be fully beneficial only if it is result oriented and brings the best results possible for the effort. Social media marketing is effective only when the results are directed towards business and brand recognition for the company.

Socialight understands that digital marketing is not only about gaining fans, but converting them into serious followers of the brand and in turn converting the followers into loyal customers. While a huge part of this is dependent on the quality of the product or service offered by the company, marketing also plays a huge role.

Targeting ads to gain real time results

More than the content of any advertisement or marketing media, the timing and the placement matter more. In many cases, even the best of ads have failed because they have been placed at the wrong place in the wrong time. The minimum damage for this would be the loss of customer interest and the maximum damage is to lose loyal customer base.

SociaLight focuses on the crucial nature of timing the advertisement rights and designing different promotional media for different target audience. As a consequence, the results are very evident, and show proof in real time.

Engaging people and driving traffic

The success of any website is measured by the traffic it attracts. With a combination of good content and careful promotions, SociaLight focuses on driving user traffic to the website. Once more and more people are engaged, the visibility increases and this in turn might reflect on the sale of the product or service which remains the ultimate aim.


SociaLight has a team of highly qualified digital marketing experts that professionally manage their client’s social media channels, boost qualified leads, and increase their sales. They also hold the expertise in website design and development in addition to offering comprehensive digital marketing services.


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