Toronto-based company makes crypto consulting understandable.

Toronto, ON. Wednesday, October 12th. WinWin Marketing Inc. launches a no cost support program for those who want to acquire a share in the investment crypto currency portfolio and do not necessarily have deep pockets.

CEO Alex Liskov The investment market has rapidly changed for the better. For instance, for more than 80 years only accredited investors could invest in startup projects in America, but where is this rule now? It is gone… With the launch of crypto currency investment opportunities, the term “accredited investor” will become obsolete sooner than expected.

How to invest in crypto currency? What are the best crypto assets to invest in on a long or a short-term basis? – These are just some typical questions the Toronto based WinWin Marketing Inc. receives daily. Its 24/7 support service works to explain the clientele how to surf in the $140 billion crypto market and avoid the hidden risks. No doubts, crypto currency assets are far the hottest investment opportunities which exist for unaccredited investors even with moderate initial investment amounts. While everyone knows about a booming crypto market, only a few know how it really works.

According to there are 1110 crypto currencies registered as of September 2017. For an unsophisticated investor it may look like an ocean of investment opportunities, nevertheless, some of those currencies are “pumped up” just with the purpose to collect the initial investments and cover the ICO expenses which can reach as high as 0,5mln USD per launch.
While opportunities are new, some obstacles seem to be well-known:

CEO Alex LiskovAsk how many advisors share investment risks with their customers. You will be lucky if you find one. Our expertise allows us to say that we do share the investment risk for the consultation we provide to our clientele. We also do not charge a cent for our services and follow the share profit model only. There is no mystery behind a crypto investment, it is a transparent and clear process if you follow it with the right advisors.

In 2010 a Florida programmer paid 10000 bitcoins for 2 pizzas. Nowadays, this would be a 7mln USD deal. This and other examples confirm that we are the witnesses of a unique moment of acquiring a share, but only for the knowledgeable and cautious investor.
A non-stop ringing phone in WinWin Marketing Inc. office shows how many people would like to gain such knowledge before making the first step. Don’t be surprised if you stay on hold listening to the lounge music while the support team consult other potential investors about their best options of building a reliable and profitable investment portfolio. Welcome to the world of crypto currency.

The company provides consulting services in regards to crypto consulting as well as providing servicing is social listening.

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