Bridge Direct – Direct Lenders with over £12 million in lending funds

London, UK, 12th Oct 2017 – UK based bridge loans lenders, Bridge Direct have direct access to a substantial financial capital of over £12 million. This lending power coupled with their wealth of knowledge and experience (with over 30 years’ experience in the financial and bridging sector), has helped them become one of the UK’s top bridge loan lenders.

Bridge Direct provides bridge loans for any business application, from property purchase for homeowners to settling large tax bills.

Below are just a few of the advantages you will find when you take a bridge loan out with Bridge Direct:

Release Capital in an Existing Property:

When planning to buy any new property, it can take weeks or even months to secure a long-term bank loan or mortgage. In this time you could lose the property to another buyer in a position to purchase. To avoid this you can release the existing equity in your current property quickly with a bridge loan and use this as a down payment (for outright buy) to secure the new property.

Bad Credit Score – Don’t Worry, Bridge Direct may have a Bridge loan deal for you:

Due to the recent economic crisis, securing a bank loan or mortgage with bad or low credit scores can be an issue. Many banks will state this on their set criteria, meaning you won’t get past the first stage of application. However, with a bridge loan from Bridge Direct, there are no set criteria and you may be eligible for a loan, even with bad or adverse credit. Bridge Direct offer their guaranteed instant decision, so you will know instantly if you are eligible or not.

Flexible Repayment Options:

At Bridge Direct the loan repayment options are simple and flexible. You need to show the income proof to the lender to give confidence on how you will pay back the complete loan amount. With Bridge finance, it is possible to revise your interest rate when you have enough capital.

Immediate Decision = Instant Finance:

When you call Bridge Direct, you can be guaranteed you will be speaking with a decision maker, and not a middle men. Bridge Direct are direct lenders, and not brokers. This is why they can guarantee an instant decision to all bridge loan applications, even if you have bad or adverse credit. In some instances it may be possible to transfer the funds on the same day itself. No matter what your situation just approach Bridge Direct for Bridge loan they will offer the best deal on your request.

Instant Funding to help every situation:

When you are looking for immediate funds to start new projects or even pay off a tax bill, then making use of a bridge loan from Bridge Direct could be the best option for you. By making use of our bridging finance for any business application, you could get yourself out of a bind or take your business to the next level today.

For Bridging Finance you can reach the team at Bridge Direct simply by calling one of the decision makers on 020 3126 4969 or even you can reach than simply by filling their online form at www.bridge –

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