Top NGO’s in INdia are developing children through sport and other development

India is a developing country and is trying to defeat problems like poverty, lack of education, killing of girl child etc. There are many Nongovernmental organizations who worked for all these social cause. They function through a group of voluntary people work as a team in which some members are active to give their contribution manually and other financially. They do not belong to any government department and do not get any government aid and work by their own. These top NGO’s in India are very dedicated towards their aim and does the best to achieve their target. Many of the NGOs work for special single cause on which they can dedicatedly do the things for betterment. These causes can be like women empowerment, girl child education, save girl child, blood donation, helping underprivileged people, special child care and many more.
On the other hand some top NGO’s in India work for multi causes. In this series some NGO are specially known as NGO for children develop their personality through sports. They apply a number of amazing ways to make the youth independent and make their future safe and secure. In case of education providing they provide free education resources and many other facilities. These NGOs have some serious goal about making the young generation capable and independent and to develop children really well. And to achieve their aim they provide physical and technical training to them make them physically fit by provide the facility in Sports development. Those NGOs who are working for helping drug addicted people concentrate on sports activities. Physical activities and sports activities are helpful in quitting drugs.
By arranging some special activities in sports they make them learn many skills like team building, team work, increase their will power etc. They believe that providing technical skills and developing their personality through sports development would be permanently with them. Every NGO for children has their websites. You can get information about the work they are doing and the location of their offices. Along with the work information you can get contact number of the responsible person there and get to know what you want to know.

Here are some of the Top NGO’s in India:-
? Give India: – This organization raises the funds for charity through online facility. It is based on online donation. This NGO provide the resources to many other NGOs. This organization was founded in 1999.
? Smile Foundation: – This organization was started in the year 2002 with the head office in Delhi. They work for the betterment of child education in India. Their ultimate goal is to ensure a good education for every child in India. They are strictly against child labour and support the education.
? Pratham: – This NGO was founded in 1994. This NGO has the head office in Mumbai and works to provide education for poor and underprivileged children in India. They have almost 21 branches in India in number of different cities.

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