Important SEO Tips

Today, we are learning about optimizing your website with the experience of  Digital Garden a well known Dubai web design company.

After choosing the relevant keywords before writing tons of content you have something to do.

Before you start, you need to understand the following:

  • What is your site about
  • What is the purpose
  • How well committed you are

When you have settled with these three things, now it is time to get to work and learn SEO tips

1. Make The Website About Particular Thing

2. Integrate keywords Where They Need

3. Link To Inner Pages On Your Website

4. Use Permalink Structure That Contains Keywords.

5. Remove The Thing Which Slows Down Your Site

6. Integrate Keywords In Your Images

7. Put Links On Different Websites With Relevant Content

8. Update Your Website Frequently

9. Regular Check Your Website Indexing

10. Get Other Websites Link To Your Site

11. Do Not Change Your Domain Name

12. Write Like Human

Source: Digital Garden