How To Buy The Best Camera For Youtube Videos

In 2015, Forbes named PewDewPie as the best YouTube star winning $12 million for playing video games. Beside him, there are a few more people who earn a lot from making youtube videos, or a video-kind of blogging, using the best youtube video cameras. How is this possible? You can find content on how to create the best youtube videos, but your camera is another story. If you are willing to be the next YouTube sensation, you need to read this in order to find the best video camera. In order to find the best in the market, you need to understand few things:

Size Matters:

You’ll never know when something interesting will come up or if there will be YouTube-worthy minutes. This is the reason it is important that you find a camera that is convenient and effortlessly available. If it could fit in your pocket, it is better. Camcorders and DLSRs are awesome alternatives due to the quality they offer. Sadly, they can be handful and shooting the spur moments can be challenging. That’s why you need a compact one.

The Wider the Angle Lens, the Better:

Imagine shooting in the city and your arms are stretched out to ensure the frame won’t be all about your face. Awkward, what do you think? Hence, pick a camera with wide-frame lens, ideally 20 to 26 millimeters. This enables you to focus all over as well also the background you are going for while holding it in a more comfortable length.

Say Goodbye to Shaky Hands with Image Stabilization:

While considering your camera for youtube, will you watch a video that is shaky? If the subject is continually shaking, you will probably go for exit button or another video. This is the reason it is essential that your camera has picture adjustment feature. This makes shooting simpler and less insecure, particularly if you are recording yourself while strolling in the streets. This feature balances out pictures and makes your shots smoother and more enjoyable to watch.

I Can’t Hear You: The Role of Audio in Choosing Best Camera for YouTube:

I viewed Adele’s video on Youtube and I simply had to search for another because the audio was terrible. This is the reason while searching for a camera, you have to consider it’s audio. You need individuals to hear you out and understand what you are saying, and having a video with clear audio is important. In this manner, pick a camera with mic holes on the front side and not on the top. If you are recording yourself, camera mouthpiece gaps in front will make your voice and the audio clearer and more reasonable. The drawback is that it is more susceptible to wind or air. So make sure to close the doors.

Don’t Forget The Price Factor:

All the features that are mentioned above are important but if you have a tight budget to spend on a camera then there is no need to worry about because there are number of options available online. You can have a look at your budget and features that you need and go for the one that will suit your needs better.


There are number of people who are running their youtube channels successfully but still there are some people who are facing problems with their video quality and viewers. So, in case you are among those victims, you need to give best buy youtube video cameras a try to make your videos worth watching.