Sunlight Readable Solution- Enhance the display outdoor readability

Have you ever had the kind of experience? You would like to see something showing on your cell phone monitor in outdoor but you can’t see very clearly even the whole monitor is white? If you are using a general monitor, this problem is very common. Comparison with indoor, the outdoor or the environment which has directly lights must have higher monitor specifications. However, what’s a kind of conditions are necessary?


The contrast ratio is the first condition of it. Through enhancing the contrast ratio of displays it can let images vivid under the sunlight or direct light. The suitable contract ratio is 800~2000 nits depend on the offered environment.


The second condition is that you can add a protective glass to shield the panel to prevent any damage. If you intend to install a protective shield on your panel to

add contract ratio of it the Anti-reflective or Anti-Glare glass is the best choice because of the technology of producing glass is different as it named. Anti-reflective is coated Anti- reflection coatings on the glass and the Anti-Glare is using chemical corrosion technology to let the glass rugged to prevent from the light into the LED panel directly. By above technology, people can view the monitor more clearly.


The third condition is optical ponding technology. Because of the air gap between the screen and panel, it may cause moist and dusty into the air gap then it may influence reflect off the display. This will also cause un-vivid of the display. The solution is to use a protective glue to fill the gap


Kingdy’s sunlight readable series has the above three total solutions you need. We offer 800~2000 nit contract ratio LED / LCD panel to solve the problem, you can also use the optional items as optical bonding and AR-glass to increase the readability of your displays, the panel PC is of course.


  • The display can be vivid through increasing the contrast ratio.
  • The AR-glass and AG glass is also suitable for making image clearly.
  • Optional Bonding is a also a well solution for enhancing the visibility
  • As your needs, you can choose what you really need.