RTOS Workshop conducted by CETPA!

Few days ago, CETPA INFOTECH conducted a 2-day workshop on RTOS (Real Time Operating System). The workshop was attended by engineering students as well as corporate professionals. This 3-4 hour workshop was organized in CETPA’s training center in Noida.The workshop focused on understanding of Embedded Linux, Kernel classification, and RTOS.Participants are exposed to Linux development environment and GUI application development. The participants learnt how to use GCC compiler, GDB debugger, and other tracing, profiling, boot loading tools. In this workshop, learners will become familiar with the design methodologies necessary to properly select and use a RTOS.

Some of the highlights of the workshop were-

  • Enhancement of student’s technical knowledge in
  • How to Select a Real-Time Operating System
  • Best practices for using an RTOS in an embedded system
  • Opportunity to learn & interact with renowned industry experts and broaden their knowledge.
  • Excellent multimedia course content to help students grasp the material easily.
  • Career guidance by experienced faculty.

At the end of the workshop, the experts organized a small quiz based on the technology and at last participants were given certificates. A RTOS is an operating system that ensures a certain capability within a specified time constraint.It should be designed in a way that it should strike a balance between supporting a rich feature set for development and deployment of real time applications and not compromising on the deadlines and predictability. If you also want to attend such workshops or seminars in future or want to know about RTOS Training in Noida, you can contact them at 9212172602 or 0120-4535353. You can also visit their website www.cetpainfotech.com for any other details. You can also mail them at query@cetpainfotech.com.

About the Company:

CETPA INFOTECH, founded in 2002, imparts training and placement service in different technologies to fresher and working individuals. Apart from Noida, it has its training centers located in Roorkee (Head Office), Lucknow, and Dehradun.