Black Shirt Clothing Kickstarter Launch


Contact: Ron Hale

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Black Shirt Clothing

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Black Shirt Clothing Kickstarter Launch

Bold, Savvy Choices to fill all your subscription box needs

Cypress, Texas, October 3, 2017: Our mission is to bring you fashion that is nearest & dearest to you. Over the last 2 years we have been developing & perfecting the Black Shirt Clothing Subscription Boxes. After many iterations & tests we are happy to say that the only thing standing in the way of your closet becoming, smarter & more fashionable, is your support of this very important project.

The Fashion Box Predicament

• A Stylist who doesn’t really know you

• Outdated fashions & trends

• Way too over priced

• Poor quality items & garments

Black Shirt Clothing is the Bold, Savvy Choice Solution

Every month we produce an exclusive & limited run of fashion-forward styles in a variety of colors & sizes. We then match those garments with the size & style preferences of our members. (*You will provide us with this information & then we ship a personalized box to you each month.) No more styles that will make you look like your grandma or grandpa. No more guessing games about which brands to choose at a store. No more overpaying for good quality. We will design a seasonal month-to-month box for all your subscription needs.

What are the types of Black Shirt Clothing Subscription Boxes?

• Knock Your Socks of Box

• Bow Tie (Set) Subscription Box

• Neck Tie (Set) Subscription Box

• 3-Piece Suit Subscription Box

• Mother | Daughter Subscription Box

• Mother | Son Subscription Box

• Father | Daughter Subscription Box

• Father | Son Subscription Box

• Men’s or Women’s Romper Subscription Box