Best Graphics Cards

A graphics card is a necessary accessory that is liable of providing your computer with best graphics and color scheme. If you are a gamer and you are looking for a graphics card, then you should know the importance and working of it. There are number of choices that are available online and most of times they create confusion for you to decide the best one for your specific needs. In case you don’t have enough to spend on a graphics card then you can easily find best graphics cards under $100.

There are many shelf computers from stores Target or Best Buy have integrated graphics card, which means you will have a base line non-dedicated video card. But with such cards, you will not be able to play games having higher animations and graphics.

All you need to do is to upgrade your graphics card which in one of the best upgrades if you are using a desktop computer. You can upgrade to a superior card if you don’t have one or if you are looking to upgrade your slow machine.

Don’t forget that if you are going to upgrade in order to check and see how much high power supply is needed to power the card. All cards must have this information, and if not you can browse internet to find enough information. May be there will be a need for you to upgrade your power supply in order to install a new graphics card. So, make sure to check your power supply before purchasing a card.


This is a card that is introduced by NVIDIA graphics card which is a known brand when it comes to GPU game. This card has a 2GB of memory. There was a time when it was considered as the top of the line card but in 2013 few more options like 3GB or 4GB cards were also introduced. But it doesn’t mean that this card isn’t good, it’s a beast actually. This card offers you features like DirectX11, PCI-E 3.0 16x and more. By installing this card, you will play games at HD resolutions and beyond, by using best possible graphics settings.

AMD Radeon HD7970:

Well, Radeon is a competitor of NVIDIA. It is also a well known brand and they usually offer a cheaper alternative against NVIDIA cards. But there is no point of saying that they are weak but actually they are good with graphics. This card is a best choice when it comes to needs and price. This card is known as one of the best budget cards you can buy for performance and price. This card is a beast with 2GB RAM, PCI Express 3.0, a clock speed of 925MHz and also its best in size. You need to make sure that it fits in your case. It also needs minimum power of 500w PSU.

MSI GTX 660 Ti:

MSI is a known manufacturer of many graphics cards and this one also works with NVIDIA drivers. It offers a clock speed of 915 MHz, PCI Express 3.0, 2GB RAM and many other features. MSI is known for making great cards having greater cooling ability. This card also offers MSI’s Twin Frozr IV feature which is helpful in keeping the card 14 degrees Celsius cooler than normal. With this card, you don’t have to worry about the dust on your card which will increase the lifespan of your GPU.

Sapphire Radeon HD 6950:

This card is best when it comes to budget and it works with AMD drivers. This card is still a beast. It offers an 800 Mhz clock speed, 2GB video RAM, PCI Express 2.0 and direct x11 support. It is truly a power house card when it comes to find best graphics cards. This card is easily overclockable and it can easily reach the speed of expensive cards.


Well, it isn’t a piece of cake to choose a perfect card for your gaming needs but we have provided you with several choices that will suit your needs and budget better. You can find the perfect one for your needs and if not then our guides are always there to help you.