Do you have what it takes to be a Lawyer?


The law system is an incredibly important aspect of the human society. Irrespective to the country, the role of law is the same across the world, which is to maintain a balanced society. Keeping that balance is not an easy task as it demands an involvement of various judiciary bodies. The legal system of the country affects nearly every aspect of our society. Right from being born to growing up and becoming a good citizen, law is intertwined with every facet.

Considering such a crucial importance, the people who uphold the law have to be the people of a dynamic personality. And when it comes to the law system, Lawyers are the backbone of this system as they are the interlinks between law & our society in numerous ways. This article discusses the traits which lawyers who step out of the top law colleges in India possess.

Communication Skills:

The practice of law is based on one person presenting a case that can be supported by the laws & statues which are included in the Indian Constitution. Doing so requires one to be adept at understanding what is to be conveyed to the jury or the judge and apt at communicating it as well. So having excellent communication & interpersonal skills is one of the ‘must have’ traits for a lawyer.


As lawyers hold positions of great responsibility they are obligated to adhere to a strict code of ethics. In order to do that, one needs to be strictly disciplined in terms of conducting their work while managing to progress in the field of law. Where most of the professions demand just a degree, law demands a certain work ethic from the lawyers.

For instance, a lawyer always needs to be aware of the ‘Attorney-Client Privileges ’ and take precautions to not to break them. That is a big responsibility as the line between breaking & maintaining the privileges can be razor thin. It’s only through stringent studying & dedicated practice can a lawyer achieve the kind of professionalism this field demands.


The process of becoming a lawyer it self is quite a difficult task to complete. For instance, the law program at SLS Pune, which is among the top law colleges in Pune, students are required to finish a 5 year long course of B.A. L.L.B. That means tenacious studying and a diligent learning for a significant amount of time in one’s life. Being motivated by a single goal for such a long period can only be achieved through perseverance.

The aforementioned traits are just a tip of the iceberg, but acquiring even these many skills can set one on the right path to becoming a lawyer.