Tips For Buying Best Mechanical Keyboards

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboards that is ideal for gamers or typists because it uses a specific spring for every single key of keyboard. It provides users with almost 50 to 70 million keystrokes whereas a simple keyboard can survive 5 to 7 million keystrokes. If you have a tight budget and you want to get best cheap mechanical keyboards under $100, we will help you in this search. When you are going to purchase one, you need to consider a number of factors before buying it for your needs. They are not like simple keyboards; there is a large range of structures that are accessible.

First of all, there is a long list of mechanical switches that go in the keyboard, and keep in mind that Cherry is essentially the standard of industry, even Cherry switches are available in different types. This all creates a lot of confusion. In order to make it easier for you, we have provided you with a guide to pick the best one in the market:

Picking the Right Switch Type:

First of all, when you’re in the market for buying one, you will see a number of options in the market. Basically, these choices think about the kind of switch that goes into a mechanical keyboard. For beginners, if you’re taking a look at a keyboard that offers the original Cherry MX switches, there are chances that you will discover the keyboard in red, blue, and dark colored switches.

Well it’s essential to know the difference between the switches. For beginners, the red is the most normally used switch among the gamers. These switches are direct and have no tactile bump. After red switches, there are blue switches that are ideal for typists because it creates a sound like typewriter when a key is registered.

Then we have the dark colored switch that is somewhere close to red and blue; the capable of being heard, the audible tactile feedback is still here, but the switch is relatively lighter than the Cherry MX blue.

RGB or Not?

RGB is something that is turning into an exceptionally normal current fashion in the PC gaming industry, from RGB water coolers, to RGB power supplies, and also mouse pads. The main thing that is left is storage, something that may change in the coming future.

When it comes to keyboards, you will have a choice to buy a solid colored like red or white, or you can get RGB backlit keyboard that will cost you higher than any other types. The good thing about them is that you can customize your keyboard according to your needs.

Size of the Keyboard:

Last but not the least, is the size of the keyboard. For the individuals, who don’t have a clue, they are accessible in different sizes. This is for individuals who want to bring their keyboard with them so that they need a lightweight and smaller keyboard.

When it comes to sizes, there are a few different sizes available in the market. If you are somebody who needs to keep the keyboard at home, and you have a lot of work space, the full sized keyboard is your best decision.

However, if you need something littler, you can pick a TKL (ten keyless) keyboard; these keyboards don’t have number pads, but there are some TKL keyboards that have number pads as an optional accessory that can be included or removed according to your preferences.


Nowadays, there are number of options for everything available in the market which makes it confusing for you to choose the best product. This article will guide you thoroughly in case you are looking for best cheap mechanical keyboards under $100 to meet your specific needs.