Simple way to fix Netflix Problem On TiVo HD Series 3 DVR’s.

TiVo Activate

By installing Netflix app on TiVo DVR, you can enjoy the complete list of programs and episodes on your device. Here, we want to mention that there is no search option available in Netflix app for TiVo HD DVR’s. IF you want to get this option, then you need to upgrade the DVR to Roamio series DVR.

Now, we are going to explain the troubleshooting steps for different Netflix problems which are being reported on TiVo DVR.

  1. Sound/video problem: If you are facing Sound or video problem with Netflix installed in TiVo setup, then you need to report this issue to the link. You may find the following problems with the TiVo device:
  • Audio out of sync with the video.
  • Parts of sound are missing or not audible.
  • The blurred picture with furry noise.
  • The absence of subtitles along with the unmatched
  • Wrong episodes playing.

To solve these issues, you need to sign-in to the Netflix account from the official link and click on ‘Help’ section given on the top of the page. Search for the problem and report the issue on the same. If you find that the problem is with the DVR itself, then you can contact TiVo customer service.

  1. Downloading and interfacing problem: While accessing the videos and contents online from the different sources, if you come across with downloading or transferring issue, then report the same to the DVR support page and stop downloading the contents from the app. You need to check the internet speed of your network as this may create the downloading issue.
  2. Getting ‘Title not available’ message on the screen: There are two reasons for this message:
  • The show or episode you want to watch is not yet uploaded on the server and not available to watch instantly. You can check it from TiVo com support page as well.
  • The page or service is under maintenance. Wait for 24 hours to get it fixed automatically. If you find that the problem still goes on, then call at TiVo help and support number.
  1. Network connectivity issues: If the video you are watching is interrupted all of a sudden, then this may be due to a network To fix this problem, close the program and start browsing the video again from scratch. If you are still facing a problem, then check the network as well as router settings of your home network. If required, then call your Internet service provider. If you find that the problem is with the router, then call the manufacturer or replace the router with another model.
  2. Netflix account connectivity issues: Few customers have complained that they are getting problem in connecting TiVo com activate with the Netflix account. We want to mention here that TiVo is doing its best to solve the issues at the earliest. The troubleshooting steps to fix the account problem are here as under:
  • Reboot the TiVo DVR: Go to TiVo central and click on ‘Messages and settings’. Reboot the system> Restart the TiVo. Press the thumb button and then ‘Enter’ button.
  • If you want to restart the DVR without getting into the menu, then switch off the device and remove the cord from the power supply. Wait for few seconds, then plug it back into the power supply. This will restart the TiVo device.
  • Unlink or re-link the TiVo device: To unlink the account online, go to Netflix online page and click on ‘Sign-out of all devices’ option.
  • Linking the account: Go to TiVo central and click on ‘Netflix’. Click on the option which says, ‘I am a Netflix member’. Enter the activation code displayed on the screen by getting into activate page.