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Today going green has become a very popular trend and for many great reasons. If you are interested in saving money and reducing your carbon footprint, then choosing Solar Solutions from is excellent idea. It will reduce your current electric bill.

Solar Solutions are known for offering the services related to the solar panels installation Christchurch. The reliable company offers:

Solar Panels

On and Off grid systems

Inverters and controllers

Repair and Installation

Consultation on size, cost and return

Commercial and domestic systems

If you are living in a residential area and already have access to a power grid, an ‘On Grid’ solar PV system is the best fit for you. Solar Solutions NZ offers these panels, which produce power as long as a connection to the grid is maintained. When you overproduce your solar power is sent out so you can bank it for later use. These solar power systems are extremely cost effective and can allow for a quick return on investment.

Off Grid Solar is right option for you if you are over 200m from the nearest solar grid connection point. Solar Solutions offers full turnkey solar systems from solar PV panels, windmills and micro hydro turbines, to battery banks, chargers, inverters and generators. The equipment available is capable of providing stable, reliable power for even the toughest of demands.

The team at Solar Solutions has the expert knowledge to make your alternative energy system work for your power needs. They are experienced in Installing Solar Panels for Home; you can get residential solar panels system installed on your roof or your backyard at any location on your property.

For Commercial solar power systems, they provide custom solar panel grid-tie power systems for commercial buildings. A commercial solar power system installation can lower your energy costs and reduce your operating expenses.

Whether it is Commercial Solar Power System or Home Solar Panels or Solar PV Installation, Solar Solutions is the certified, experienced and committed team of solar installers ready to provide you the perfect Solar Power solution.

About Solar Solutions:

Solar Solutions are Christchurch based experts in Solar Systems. The team is all qualified, experienced with broad range of solar systems. With huge experience in a wide range of industries, there is no job too large and no job too small.

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