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Interviewed by Tom Brokaw, embraced by Jesse Jackson and cheap swtor credits feted by Spike Lee, all before his 21st birthday, Allen Iverson was a consummate basketball wunderkind. The Hall announced its 10 member class of 2016, with Iverson, four time NBA champion Shaquille O and Michigan State coach Tom Izzo the headliners. Turn your device sideways for the best viewing experience.

MS has done away with allowing “partial” cards. There are only 3 minor optional features in DX10 that vendors can choose to implement or not. Developers will be able to count on all PC’s being fully compliant when coding games. From left, Anna Prather Weber, Beth Collins and Patrick Collins hug after passage of SB701, the bill from Sen. Dave W. Marsden, D Fairfax, permitting pharmaceutical processors to manufacture and provide cannabidiol oil to patients to control seizures, during the floor session of the Virginia Senate at the State Capitol in Richmond, Va., Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

I got a ton of case flow Coolermaster 690 case with 4 140mm fans (2 intake, 2 exhaust) and 2 120 (1/1) plus the 120mm scythe on the TR 120 extreme. Stock cooler on the GPU, but remounted with AS5. Trying to figure out if the card is crap, or I should try a new cooler.

“True all way drive for anything with wheels,” Liddiard says in an online writeup for his successful prototype of “omni directional” wheels, a specialized rim and tire that can allow any car the ability to move sideways.The tire is rounded like a donut and sits within a specialized roller equipped rim that can move the tire horizontally. The result is a wheel that can allow any car to “crab” side to side.”This is a world first bolt on application for anything with wheels,” wrote Liddiard. ‘Now you can drive in all directions, and turn on the spot, when needed.”The London, Ont., inventor exhibited the technology in a YouTube video that has since captured the attention of auto aficionados the world over, garnering more than 1.1 million views.Entitled “you never seen a car do this the three minute video shows a Toyota Echo sliding around an Ontario driveway as if on a block of ice.One source described the car as “moonwalking” across the pavement.The wheels are merely a “proof of concept” prototype, but Liddiard asserts that his design would allow them to be made as durable and safe as standard automotive wheels.The omni directional wheel is not a new invention, but it has typically been used only in wheelchairs, robotics and other small scale applications.

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