Kinds of T-Shirt Printing

Screen-printing is one of the most common sorts of t-shirt printing. The ones that use these approaches are people and smaller firms so as to produce shirts in custom or modest batches. Undertaking screen-printing at dwelling charges extremely little and also you do not need to have a great deal of particular equipment. The other two procedures are sublimation and heat transfer. The extra tough from the two is sublimation. This technique should only be used on synthetic materials like acrylic. In the three types of t-shirt printing processes heat transfer is definitely the easiest. Although heat transfer is faster than screen printing the final product might not final as lengthy. Get additional information about egyedi póló


This type of t-shirt printing is accomplished with mesh screens and inks which are specially treated having a chemical that will enable an image to be burned in to the shirt. The screen is coated having a substrate that can harden when exposed to light. The image is printed on a transparency which can be placed on the screen and then it is exposed to light. This causes the exposed substrate to harden and what’s hidden by the transparency will stay soft. You are able to wash the soft substrate away and make an image on the screen. Now you location the screen on major in the t-shirt. Ink will then be pressed by way of the opening inside the substrate which is tough by using a squeegee. The investment is minimal in gear. You may reuse the screens by washing them and then re-coating them with much more substrate to burn another image.

Heat transfer

To prevent any complications of conflicting colors this sort of t-shirt printing is performed on white t-shirts. You are able to place transfers on any color t-shirt if you need but white t-shirts will be the ideal. It is a fast strategy of printing as you use a pre-made transfer style. You simply heat the transfer and apply it to the shirt. You’ll be able to do this at property employing am ironing board and iron but should you be producing a sizable batch of shirts there’s special gear you could acquire. Despite the fact that that is an easy fast option, it is not lengthy lasting. The transfers over time have a tendency to crack, which often bring about degradation of your image or fading.


Of all of the t-shirt printing possibilities, this is the longest lasting and quickest strategies. Regrettably, it might be costly and is really a restricted method. This printing is generally on done on acrylic and synthetic material like nylon. The ink utilised in printing is heated in such a way that it turns to gas. It’s then transferred to the fabric. Whenever you use this course of action it is going to need heating element, substrates, and unique inks that a rise the cost of the garment.

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