JetApps Offers Excellent cPanel Full Backup Module

Business owners cannot afford to lose confidential data. So it only makes sense to have multiple backups in place to avoid losing important information. Data loss is very expensive for entrepreneurs and systems administrators as it can radically halt the entire functioning of the business to a standstill. It can be risky to stop a whole company for days (or even weeks) leading to huge losses. cPanel restore full backup from JetApps is an excellent backup module to prevent data loss.

cPanel Restore Database from JetApps allows users to back up their cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel remote or local incremental backups. In addition to automated backups and restores on a cron job, cPanel also displays everything in a user-friendly GUI manner.

JetApps also allows the users to cPanel Full Backup and resell this backup service through an easy-to-use billing system and API to their clients all through the Jet Backup web interface.

Knowing how to backup cPanel is the dilemma faced by many administrative managers and JetApps offers an ideal solution to resolve this dilemma. When it comes to the newly added JetBackup Manager, JetApps is the leading solution offering the add-on which uses what is called “point-in-time incremental backups.” Remote backups are easily possible as the company strives to harness the power of hardlinks to use less space while backing up accounts. After your first full backup, future backups will only take up space from changed files. Essentially you will only need to backup any new or modified data instead of performing the entire backup again.

Download Emails From cPanel is perfect service for website owners with a Linux system server hosting services as there is an interface provided by the web hosting called cPanel. Within your cPanel, there is a great option called cPanel Automatic Database Backup. It allows the users to backup entire website then download it as a convenient backup file. The website backup comes with the database, emails and web files. The backup will effectively provide you anything that you will need to resume your website operation should you need to restore.

About JetApps:

JetApps is the leading backup solution or rather backup manager for cPanel that allows users to back up their cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel remote or local incremental backups, as well as other backup modules. JetApps is cPanel application that has proved to be of great benefit to all users.

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