How the pet industry can take advantages of mobile app technology

Every now and then, we keep hearing and reading stories about how smart mobility helped particular startup, industry, business and individual. Regardless of what we do and where we belong to, smartphones and apps are making lives easier of us all – the humans. But, can smartphones also help animals? How about this new-gen technology helping us in taking better care of our pets? Well… it is happening and, we can take care of our animals with the help of apps.


If you are a pet owner, you would probably be concerned about your pets’ safety. But thanks to the GPS innovation and, now its availability in mobility. GPS tracking and RFID implants can make tracking of an animal very simple. These solutions have in fact been utilized by a number of peoples whose dogs and cats just keep running away.

Finding Rover is a good example. The app recognizes the facial feature of dogs and cats.  The app scans the unique features of a pet’s face and keeps it on a file in case if he or she ever gets lost. So far the solution has been used for more than 600 times with great success.

This is one very interesting example of how smartphone app helping pet animals. And why pets only? The technology of smartphones can help other animals too.


A good example of how apps can help pets set by UK’s biggest retailers for pet, Pets at Home. The company has launched the app to provide an omni-channel experience for customers buying from any of 434 stores served by 3000 employees spread all over the UK.

Rescue and rehabilitation

There is a non-profit known as Rescue Bank – a signature program of, an international non-profit that benefits People, Pets, and the Planet.  It relies on mobile platform which is scalable to run its field services app meant for the management of inventory, error elimination, boosting overall efficiency with respect to regard to rehabilitations.

The pet industry around the world has now spotted the advantages brought in to them my smartphones and the customized mobile application development technology. Needless to say, dedicatedly designed apps aren’t useful for businesses only but also for people and their pets.

The future of mobile based pet market

It’s, of course, brighter! More than 47% of business executives believe that mobile technology plays a vital role in driving innovations across industries. The pet industry too is looking for scopes in mobile apps…

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