The league leader is NBA Live Coins

According to NBA’s player tracking data. The league leader is NBA Live Coins actually the 76ers, averaging nearly 35 more per game. The difference is not just the number of passes, which is similar to their last three seasons, but who those passes go to.In every other passing category, the Warriors blow the league away. They average 31.5 assists, nearly seven assists better than the second-best team. They average more than 10 secondary assists (or hockey assists), better than the second-best Spurs’ 6.5.


They create about 75 points off assists, compared to the Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins Rockets’ 60. The Warriors’ offense has allowed Curry and Durant to turn into spot-up shooters for stretches in every game. That’s a luxury usually reserved only for All-Star teams.If there’s any change from the Warriors’ 4-2 start to their 11-game onslaught, it’s that Curry realized this is still his team, not KD’s. The stats aren’t dramatically different, but there’s a couple more only-Steph-would-even-dream-of-taking-that shots per game in recent weeks.


One game after his league record ended (0-for-10 on threes after 157-straight games with a make), he created a new one (13 made threes in a game). His usage rate has ticked up ever so slightly, from 28.3 in those first six to 29.1 in the next 11. Meanwhile, Durant’s has fallen a few ticks without losing his effectiveness. It’s worth noting that those 11 games mostly came against non-playoff opponents — only two of those opponents had a record better than .500.


But the Warriors can only play who’s on their schedule, and for the  most part, they’re blowing them all out. For now, the Warriors have reached an equilibrium, one that is horrifying the rest of the league.Don’t hate on Kevin Durant’s Warriors Russell Westbrook’s revenge tour is so much more fun than Tom Brady’s

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