Dual Sim Dual Standy LTE Volte


With Airtel about to launch VOLTE and many people already using Reliance JIO volte soon there would be need for Dual Dual Dual Standby LTE Volte.

i understand from various searches that X30 , 820 (and onwards) have this feature however i also learn that from various searches that Xiaomi (Mi Mix, Mi 6 etc) or Oneplus (3/3T) and various other OEMs do not have same enabled.

just though to start a thread where the Guru’s can share list of Phones where we can have 2 VOLTE conenctions active on a single dual sim phone.

Note: edited (trim) the message to remove buying advise section. will post my requirement in buying advise section. want to keep this thread focused on Dual Sim Dual Standy LTE VOLTE only.

Please help.


I didn’t find the right solution from the Internet.


brand case study

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