How to update safari on apple laptop

A procedure to update safari in your apple laptop

Ensure that your Mac can run on OS X 10.6 as you would not be able to update safari on os x 10.6 and also keep in mind that there is memory in your laptop for new update.

Purchase a copy of mac os x 10.6- you can buy it from apple store or you can search for Mac Os x snow leopard

Snow leopard is the first rendition of OS x to run the apple store which is necessary to update the operating system. You can also use the app store to update safari

You will have to restart your mac during the installation process.

Now click on the apple menu on the top left corner of the screen.

There would be various options visible click on software update and after a moment you will see a window pop up

Ensure that the safari box is selected. You can update a newer version of OS x from this windows as well but it would take time.

Click on install number items. This would be present in the bottom right corner of the update window. This would install each item where a check mark is placed.

You might now need to restart your computer during this process. Once the installation is complete the new safari version should be up to date.

You would no longer encounter error messages when attempting to access pages or software in safari.

If you are unable to solve this or are unable to get the software update for your apple laptop you can call the Apple safari technical support the technicians would be present for your support at anytime and any hour of the day. That means it is available 24*7 and the technicians are certified experts in their field. They would provide you instant support and rectify your problem in minutes.



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