ROYAL G Apps – Mobile Apps for Smart Phones are the Best way to Promote your Business

The custom designed mobile app “ROYAL G Apps” have a wide range of features and help to promote any industry based professional/company

The United States, September 25, 2016 – Promotion is one of the inevitable processes for businesses in this digital world to stay in competition. With the evolution of the Smartphone, promotion aspects too gets changes accordingly, recent survey states that promotional activities carried via smart phones are more effective than sticking with the online web based promotions. Developing a Smartphone application for your business or product would be innovative and offer a more attractive and customer friendly approach when compared with the traditional websites.

Smartphone application’s give the option of business owners to stay connected with the customers all the time and helps them to achieve the customer satisfaction along with promoting their brands. However, picking the right app developers like ‘Royal G Mobile Apps’ who are real experts in developing all forms of promotion mobile applications in IOS and Android platforms should be a no brainer.

The founder of Royal G Mobile Apps exclaims to new clients “Begin sharing your New Mobile App with the world, we have plenty of extras to get you started (Submission to Search Engines, other app stores, and websites/blogs that feature & review new apps. Trust me, your business will be promoted aptly and you will not forget to thank us later”

The developers from ‘Royal G Mobile Apps’ create custom mobile based applications with a wide range of features with regal design and great functionality, which overcomes the functions of existing websites. Apart from developing and submission, they do various kinds of effective promotional activities that boost your new app among targeted users.

Royal G Mobile Apps offers 50% discounts for new customers who opts from any of their 3 plans ‘Starter’, ‘Premium’ and ‘VIP’. Their prices are competitive in the market being $100 (less than the price of a website) with various value added features along with the submission in Google Play Store. In addition, they offer free consultation services, where The Royal G Staff will respond to the user’s requirements submitted via the Contact Us form on their official web page.

About Royal G Mobile Apps:

The mobile based application exposes its users’ businesses with dedicated manner, the mobile media app ‘Royal G Mobile Apps’ can be utilized for both commercial and as well as for personal use. For people who are tired of using social media to share their product/services should experience the benefits Royal G Mobile Apps have to offer. The experts of ‘Royal G Mobile Apps’ are capable of developing all kinds of business apps in platforms like IOS and Android.

Users can promote their businesses for any industry including (but not limited to) Personal pages, e-commerce stores, and entertainment industry (Artists/Bands/Producers/Party Promoters to name a few). Under those categories alone several sub-categories are available which cover the majority of businesses which are essential for promotions i.e. Restaurants, Photographers, or maybe Landscaping.

Royal G Mobile Apps come with various pricing plans that suits according to customers need. In fact, their competitive price starts as low as $100 (Limited Time Only – Promo Ends November 3rd 2017)

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