Griffin tumbling to the NBA Live Mobile Coins

Barea capped off his night with an elbow mush that sent Griffin tumbling to the NBA Live Mobile Coins floor. DeAndre Jordan stepped in and shoved Barea out of the way, and teammates came to intervene. Dallas’ point guard was assessed a flagrant foul two and was ejected from the game. “I was getting squeezed and my guy was going to be open, so I pushed him out of the way,”


Barea said of the contact. “They took it over the top. I never hit him in the face or anything.”Barea scoffed at the ruling, per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon. He’s listed at 6’0, and according to Wesley Matthews, that listing is over a foot generous. Griffin is 6’10, 250 pounds of muscle. The Mavericks believe that under no circumstances should the All-Star high-flyer get dropped by a guy half his size.


Wesley Matthews: “I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff, but a 4-9 guy getting at Instant madden mobile coins a flagrant 2? That’s pretty ridiculous.”Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said Griffin had a “cat that ate the canary” smile after Barea was ejected, according to Sneed, but noted the sequence energized his team, then holding a five-point lead.


Devin Booker scored 70 points.Yes, Devin Booker. He’s 20 years old, and the MMOGO Inc. Phoenix Suns sophomore could not miss on Friday. In the first half, he had 19 points. In the second half, he dropped 51. Let’s repeat: FIFTY. ONE.Booker is the sixth player in NBA history to score 70 or more points in a game, and by far the youngest. No player under 21 years old had ever scored more than 56 points in a game — but Booker did. Holy hell.Here’s the free throw to give him 70.

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