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Types Of MBA Programs: Find The Right One For You

Which MBA program you’ll choose depends on your career goals, the amount of time you’re prepared to devote, along with your financial needs.
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If you can afford to drop out of the working world to enroll in a full time study, you are an ideal candidate for a fulltime MBA. Full-time MBA applications normally operate two years, but could sometimes be condensed to twelve or sixteen months. This makes this type of program quite attractive for people wanting an MBA degree when possible.

A fulltime MBA is your best option if you’re searching for a career change or expect to discover a new job. This sort of application is a normal MBA program offered in the majority of traditional colleges and universities. Most will need the applicants to have at least three years of professional experience. Some scholarship money is available for fulltime MBA students.

Quick MBA programs are much like the full-time applications, but with greater course load and a much more intensive course schedule. There’s less down time between semesters and students may take classes even during the breaks, permitting them to finish this sort of MBA in eighteen months.

If you want (or need) to maintain your existing job, you are able to attend courses part-time. Part-time MBA programs will require three or more years to complete. In case you have a undergraduate degree in business, you could be able to place out of certain coursework. Classes typically meet in the evenings. Most part-time programs need the students to get at least three decades of job experience, but are known to admit students with less.

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This type of MBA program is excellent for those looking to improve their position with their existing employer. Part-time MBA students often receive partial or full reimbursement from their employers.

Executive MBA programs (EMBA) are designed for people who have at least eight decades of professional experience in the management level. EMBA students will typically attend classes on weekends. The program usually takes two years to finish. An ideal candidate for this sort of MBA is a mid- to senior- level manager looking to enhance his education without interrupting his already successful career. EMBA programs are often sponsored by employers.

Distance learning and online MBA programs are offered for those not able to physically attend classes. Students take the lectures over their computers, after a personalized study schedule. The drawback of this type of program is the lack of networking and support opportunities. The value of the type of MBA (and especially those attended exclusively on the internet) is still a controversial topic among the employers.

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