MJS Construction Builds Customized Homes

When you are going for customized home plans with MJS Construction, you are actually working directly with the company. Meaning, there is no third party, and this would imply one-to-one transaction and dealing. This ensures that your opinions and words are heard and that it is not lost in translation. You can tell us exactly what you want and we will try to do it for you. Together with your vision and our building know-how, we can create something amazing. For being the best custom home builder in Orlando, we make sure that our clients are happy not only with the final result but the entire journey that we would embark upon together.

What you can expect from MJS Construction:

– With over a decade of experience in building and design, we know what a house needs and exactly how it needs to be built for the residents to live there peacefully for as long as they wish to.

– We will help you save a few bucks on the home plans we make, and ensure competitive prices with raw materials and fixtures. However, even with offering such prices, we will not compromise with quality.

– We have a team of both designers and also builders. Therefore, this work goes hand in hand. Our builders will receive the plans set by our designers who have come to the final decision with your vision in mind.

– We will make sure that everything is up to code. Every aspect of the building will be checked very closely for any issues, meaning that everything will abide by the legal requirements deemed to be safe for residence.

– WE began with a passion for homes and buildings. We put our best efforts in making a home that you would want to live in.

If you want a more detailed idea of the services that we offer and how to contact us, then you can visit our website https://www.mjsconstructionservices.com/ and make an informed decision based on all the information that you will receive from the site pages. We are very open to ideas and our communication is two way. We welcome all queries our clients may have and go the extra mile to understand them.

Contact Information :

MJS Construction Services

1060 Woodcock Rd.
Orlando, FL 32803

P: +3212311113
E: mike@mjs247.com

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