Blood Donation Awareness Drives by Kalam Dreamz Foundation

Kalam Dreamz Foundation is a leading Blood Donation NGO in Lucknow. It caters to the need of needy people and people who are ready to give. It acts like a mediator in noble work of Blood Donation. In sphere of Blood Donation it’s not very difficult to persuade a prospective donor on blood donation if the donor is fully aware about blood donation procedure, facts and health issues. So the major important task that comes in forefront of Blood Donation is Awareness. It is critical. NGO’s like Kalam Dreamz Foundation and others can’t go for Television Advertisements that are meant for mass publicity as it is very costly and funds in NGO’s are always very scarce. Scope of Print Media is one option where awareness publicity can be done. Other Avenues are Brochures, Word of Mouth, BTL Activities, Road Shows, Displaying Marketing Collaterals at Doctors Place, and Marketing at Events. These Avenues can help in spreading awareness among the masses. With Kalam Dreamz Foundation they working very effectively and results are fantastic as the number of donors have risen dramatically. People have not only co operated well but have accepted all facts about Blood Donation. Large amount of participants were shocked to see facts about Blood Donation about how rapidly body becomes normal after blood donation. In sphere of Blood Donation Demand is high and supply is low. Many prospective donors were surprised to know about the Worlds Need of Blood. Blood can only be transferred from one body to another because it cannot be manufactured artificially. Hence it becomes solely to the discretion of the donor. But world has not become too mean to desert their fellow humans. Every year whooping 112.5 million blood donations are recorded which is a great number but still needs to be uplifted. One amazing fact goes like this, if you began donating blood at age 18 and donated every 90 days until you reached 60, you would have donated 30 gallons of blood, potentially helping save more than 500 lives! See for yourself how much difference a single soul can make in this world. Saving Five Hundred Lives is a deed that will surely reserve your ticket to heaven or least you will be remembered in their prayers. To facilitate healthy living Kalam Dreamz Foundation Organizes various Blood Donation camps in Lucknow and Blood Donation Centres in Lucknow, and of course we are working constantly to spread Blood Donation Awareness.

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