Maid 4 Ironing Launches Mobile Dry Cleaner – On Site Green Cleaning

Vaughan, ON – Maid 4 Ironing, a mobile dry cleaning company, has just launched it’s first van in Vaughan Ontario Canada. Dedicated to change how society thinks about ironing and laundry services, their proprietary technology is patented to them and they are able to supply state of the art Mercedes Sprinter vans fully equipped with all dry-cleaning and ironing machinery operating in the van itself.


“Dry cleaning is becoming less and less desirable for families, with the harsh toxins and chemicals, people now know the harmful effects of dry cleaners and the long term effects” said Carlos Costa, founder and CEO, during his announcement “we are offering a dry cleaning alternative to families and people in the Vaughan, Toronto and GTA area” . When we asked customers what their favourite service or option from Maid 4 Ironing the top 5 most heard answers were


Laundry Folding

No More Pick Ups or Drop Offs

Natural Steam Sanitation



Maid 4 Ironing offers an easy service ordering process, either from their mobile website or by calling 416-628-7812. After customers place a service call, a Maid 4 Ironing van will come and collect laundered clothing from the customers doorstep. Iron, Press, Steam and Fold all the articles with zero chemicals, just natural steam and heat cleaning and pressing. Clothing is returned sanitized and either folded or hung with proper clothing protection bags or bins. Customers do not have to be home. Dry cleaning alternatives no longer have to be done at home by the customer and risk ruining their clothing.


Maid 4 Ironing offers a free trial for all new customers, for more information or to schedule a collection or trial please go to or call 416-628-7812


Maid 4 Ironing has also now officially opened franchising opportunities, if you are interested in  please call to book an appointment or email


Maid 4 Ironing launches the first mobile on-site dry cleaning van in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. Offering dry cleaning pick up from customers doorsteps and ironing them right in the fully equipped van in the driveway. No harsh chemicals or toxins are used either, offering safer cleaning solutions for families and the environment. Steamed and Ironed, everything is returned to customers doors folded or hung. Bins, bags and hangers are all provided. Weekly or Monthly or One Time Pick Ups Available.


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