Eagle Technosys Released its E-Commerce Suit Platform

For the e-Business, Omni-channel, merchandising, digital and business technology teams in attendance, 2018 will represent another year of robust investment in commerce suite technology. However, retailers face a daunting task differentiating between the vendors in what is an increasingly mature solution space. As luck would have it, Eagle Technosys has just released its 2017 Commerce Suite Platform Wave update to help you. This Platform is named as Alibaba Clone Script. Eagle Technosys spent the last 4 months putting this leading commerce technology vendor through a grueling process of due diligence, product demos, capability assessments and customer reference checks. It looked beyond features to examine toolset usability, extensibility, integration of suite modules, and innovation strategy. Here’s what it found:

Alibaba Clone Script: This vendor represents the best of the best and reflects a solution space. It is a B2c Marketplace Platform. This vendor goes head-to-head in almost every midmarket and enterprises commerce deal and for the buyers of this solution, the ultimate selection decision often comes down to price, vision, and alliances more than functionality and features. When it comes to the core capabilities (such as pricing, offers, site search, promotion, carts, and checkout), this vendor all packs a heavy punch, with extensive, mature capabilities that, frankly, go beyond the needs of many of their clients.

Aliexpress Clone Script: This vendor represents a different value proposition from the “big four” enterprise software vendors. Each offers strong e-Commerce capabilities but comes to market with a different value proposition, strategy, and target market focus. Additionally, each offers strong e-Commerce features and has a strategy for offering the suite even if this means technology partnerships, recent acquisitions, or emerging product capabilities. It is based on B2B Marketplace.

These two vendors have experienced lackluster new client growth in the past few years; however, both have made significant B2C & B2B investments to continue to round out their respective product offerings. Both offer effective to moderately strong e-Commerce features and have a strategy for offering the suite even if this means technology partnerships or emerging product capabilities. These vendors have deep roots serving the midmarket (clients with online revenues typically ranging between “lower to higher” all rates).
Tactics to B2C Marketplace Released By Alibaba Clone Script:

When you are marketing to a consumer you want to focus on the benefits of the product. Their decision is more emotional. Consumers are different in that they demand a variety of distribution channels for convenience, not so with the B2B market. Consumers don’t want to understand your benefits, instead they will want you to clearly point out the benefits to them.

You will also tend to find that consumers have a much shorter purchasing process than businesses. They can purchase within a few minutes to within a few days.  Your most effective marketing strategies will focus on the results and the benefits that your product or service will bring to them.  Your business-to-consumer market purchases more on emotion. They are more interested in the benefit of the product. They will want to hear more about how their product or service helps them and what benefits it brings to them personally.

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