How Chimney Sweeping Has Evolved

Chimney Sweeping; something that some think has perhaps become extinct.  However, no, it is still alive and well and evolving.

Perhaps the most predominant area for active Chimney Sweeps is in Europe, where Sweeps are held in high regard, invited to weddings as good luck and even hold an annual festival and parade in Italy.

But there are Chimney Sweep in Canada and America as well and working hard.  The good sweeps; in fact all of them who are reputable in Canada belong to at minimum their Professional Association called WETT.  Why?  Well, it is the only one in Canada, and Insurance Companies, Municipalities, etc. all demand WETT Membership and Certification to be recognized.

But many also belong to their American Counterpart – the National Chimney Sweep Guild and their training counterpart the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

In fact the requirement to be a member and become Certified is so strong that I would go as far as to say that anybody who is not Certified is not qualified to be in the business.  Furthermore, it is important to take note that because this is so important you get may fraudulent individuals claiming to be Certified who are not!  It is always wise to verify at the WETT database.

Now back to the technology and evolution.  Yes the whole area evolves continually like any other area of work today.  This is partially due to the stoves, fireplaces and chimneys and partially due to the code changes / installation procedures and even the tools of the trade.   Today it is almost essential to own a Power Sweep – gone are the days of the push rods and brushes – although many sweeps still own them all the proficient and competent ones will most certainly have a Power Sweep.  Then there is the Chimney Camera – again a tool that any and all Chimney Sweeps MUST own.  In fact if the Sweep does not own a Chimney Scan Camera – I would go so far as to say they should not be preforming the task today at all; that is how important the camera is to the job.  There are just too many reasons why a Camera could and should be used today.  What about Infrared technology and Infrared Cameras?  Yes they can also be a part of the tool kit; used to find defects in masonry chimneys; poor flue connections, etc. which would otherwise be invisible to the human eye.

Unfortunately there are simply too many out there claiming to be Chimney Sweeps who lack the equipment, the training and the experience.  They simply do what they think is good, charge a low ball fee, and buy a pack of beer.  Sorry – but that is reality in our world today.  Yes it is a fact that the Chimney Camera can cost $4,000 or more, the Infrared Camera maybe the same, and a Power Sweep – well you are at that price range again.  Just for three of the new tools!  And then there is more, a lot more.  You see that is why you will find uncertified individuals still running around pretending to perform a Chimney Sweep job with only a brush and few rods.  It is much, much more!

I love learning and love the new technology; so perhaps I am often on the early adopter end of the curve. But more often than not, it has proved to be beneficial in the long run.

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