How To Use Roku For Screen Mirroring The Content Of Mobile Devices?

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Screen mirroring allows the users to do the replication of content from other windows and Android devices using the wireless internet network. So if you want to enable the screen mirroring, please refer to the following passage.

Roku supports the feature of screen mirroring through which users can cast the screens of their Android and window based devices to their television screens. Users can operate their devices by viewing their screen on TV. Screen mirroring allows the users to cast the videos, pictures, and music from their mobile devices to their television screens.

Prerequisites for enabling Screen Mirroring:

  • The Roku box and the mobile device must be connected to the same internet network.
  • Ensure you are not using any Apple device, Google or iOS device with the 6th version or earlier.
  • Make sure you have a Roku that supports screen mirroring as all Roku devices don’t support Screen Mirroring.

Ensure your Roku has the software versions of 7.6 or older. To check the software version go to Settings. Open system settings and click on “About.” It will show up the version of your Roku.

If your Roku device has version 7.7, then the Screen Mirroring will be enabled by default. So for these devices, you don’t need to allow it. If you are using version 7.6, then also the settings are enabled by default, but you need to enable some of its features manually. Go through the following steps to enable the features.

  • Press and hold the Home button present on your Roku remote.
  • Go to “Settings” and select “System Settings.”
  • Choose the option for “Screen mirroring.”
  • Click on “Enable Screen Mirroring.”

To cast the content from Android device, you need to understand the terms like Quick Connect, AllShare cast, HTC connect, Screen casting, smart view, etc. All these terms can be used for screen mirroring based on the manufacturer of your device. Also, remember you can get help for Roku not connecting as here we have the best solution for fixing all the Roku issues.

To enable screen mirroring from windows devices, you need to go through following steps:

Action center of your should be opened.

Click on Projects.

Select the option for connecting to Wi-Fi display screen.

Choose your Roku device and follow the instructions given by on screen guide for completing the process of enabling Screen Mirroring.  Following the steps might enable the casting and Mirroring, but if ever you are unable to mirror the content, then you need to report this issue to Mircosoft.

You can manage the devices used for screen mirroring by using certain predefined actions listed below:

Allway allows:  Using this option will always show up the content from mobile devices without showing you prompt for allowing it.  So make sure you add only selected devices to this approved list.

Accept: Enabling this mode will allow the devices to cast the content for one single time. So this can be used for devices that are rarely used for Mirroring or Casting the content to your TV screen.

Ignore:  This mode can be used to block the first attempt of Devices for getting connected to your Roku for Streaming or mirroring their content. It used for single time blocking or blocking any particular device.

Always Ignore:  This mode can be used to prevent the devices from getting connected to your devices permanently. Using this will restrict all the further attempts for getting connected.

So this was all you need to enable and manage the Screen Mirroring on your Roku. For more assistance always head to www Roku Com Support and get the best Roku help procedures.