Moscow or Saint-Petersbourg : which destination to choose ?

Russian woman

Between the city founded by Emperor Peter the Great and the Moscow megapolis, a few hundred kilometers and a high-speed train line, what are the big differences to consider for a stay in Russia? Should we favor the red square and the Kremlin or the guided visit to one of the most famous museums: the Hermitage? Is it necessary to dedicate his sojourn in Russia to the two towns, which are not so far from one another? Elements of reflection …

St. Petersburg at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland

The Russians will tell you without hesitation that St. Petersburg or Leningrad (renamed during the Soviet era) has nothing to do with a traditional Russian city. This city was created with forceps, with the sole will of Tsar Peter I who wanted to open Russia to the seas and oceans. In fact, it was at the cost of thousands of dead and convicts that the city was built in the swamps of the Neva, then to create the fortress of Peter and Paul and the first large Russian warships that will put and then the Turks a little later under the reign of the Empress Catherine the Great. St. Petersburg enjoys a rather humid climate due to the influence of the sea. It is a moving city with a very special character. Vladimir Putin is native of this city as a large number of contemporary Russian politicians. The Hermitage Museum has nothing to envy the famous French Louvre and some tourists travel thousands of kilometers just to discover the museum’s galleries. It is also the city of the famous Russian writer Dostoevsky, of which it remains a museum to be discovered. What is also to be said of the very famous Nevsky Prospekt, 4.5 kilometers long, which is the main avenue of the city. On this avenue, you will probably see the most beautiful Russian women!

Moscow, nicknamed The Mother in Russian (Matushka Moskva)

The city of Moscow is colder, a little like the red square and the Kremlin, almost inaccessible to ordinary mortals. The circulation has enough to rage a Buddhist monk. With more than 12 million inhabitants and a subway system that has nothing to envy a 2 meter wide spider web, Muscovites are people in a hurry, who work and spend their day running. Moreover, be aware that Moscow has become the most expensive city in the world since 2006 in particular due to soaring prices in real estate. However, there are not only bad sides to Moscow, it is also a city with green spaces with 96 parks and 18 Moscow gardens (including 4 botanical gardens). I recommend the Park of the statues on the banks of the Moskova. I also remember jogging in Izmailovsky Park next to the hotel of the same name. Beautiful memories! It was in Moscow that I met the most beautiful slavic girls in the world. But be careful because international ****** in Russia can be dangerous.