MemorizeIt Bible – Memory, Verses, Scripture- Android App

Every time you unlock your phone you will be prompted with a quick memory quiz before you are taken to your home screen. Whether you pass the quiz or not, your progress will be tracked and the quizzes will become dynamically harder until you have fully memorized a verse.

Do you have a hard time memorizing bible verses? Not enough time? Do you lose motivation after a few days? We can help! We have taken a new approach to memorizing bible verses.

Given how often smart phones are being used on a daily basis we figured why not use that frequency to help you memorize Bible verses.

# Memorize It Bible has a simple, clean, and clutter free memorization process. All you
need to do is add a new verse and we take care of the rest.

# Memorize It Bible Tracks your memorization progress.

# Memorize It Bible Moves verses from the My verses to the Memorized list for you once you have memorized a verse.

# Memorize It Bible will even prompt you with review quizzes mixed in with your normal
memory verse quizzes so that you never forget the verses you already memorized!

# Do you want to encourage your friends? Memorize It Bible can do that too! You can find
your friends and follow them to see what verses they are working on. And if you like any
of them, just copy their list!

# Does your bible study group want to memorize scripture as a together? Memorize It Bible
can help with that as well. Get notified when your group leader adds new verses to the

Phone unlock Quiz
– Every time your phone unlocks a quick bible memory quiz will appear


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