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The Skin And Its Importance

Your skin is the biggest of the bodies organs and is essential in helping to control the temperature of your human body (keeping you warm or cool), keeps you dry, stores fat and contains the nerve endings which help us feel cold or heat. The skin is extremely flexible which allows people to move easily, it’s particularly loose in areas such as the elbow, which allows them to bend as needed. Conversely, you’ll observe that the skin is educated and rigid in regions like the feet to enable people to walk without falling. The skin is able to breathe through the many holes on its support, these are called pores. The epidermis also has three layers, the epidermis, the dermis and the oily coating called the hypodermis.
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The Sun and Your Skin

The skin includes a chemical called melanin which protects it and also gives it its colour. Skin that comprises a lot of melanin is going to be a darker color whereas smaller quantities will result in a fairer color. The body’s natural defence against the beams of the sun is to create melanin, which you may see if it changes color, you get a tan, the more melanin you create, the darker you tan. Whilst sunlight is a good supply of vitamin D and is great in small doses, should you let the skin burn it may lead to skin cancer.

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Sweat Sweat Sweat

Your body will produce sweat if you’re out in the sun too long or really in case you get too hot. It is generated in the sweat glands and released through the pores and on to a skin, which cools the skin. On a hot day an adult may produce an incredible 2.5l of perspiration to cool down you. The body will also sometimes send the blood into the surface of the epidermis so that the air can cool down it, explaining why we often look somewhat red in the warmth.

Look after your skin

Your skin is coated in a thin layer of moisture and this is to make certain that the skin does not dry out, it is also slightly acidic to guard the skin from germs. Generally the skin generates exactly the right quantity of sebum nevertheless children who hit puberty often find that the body produces too much sebum, causing the skin to be quite greasy and might lead to acne.

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