My Healthcare Evaluation at Age 50

My CWD Customizing at age 50 was a sobering experience, in particular when I wondered what the following 50 years had in shop for me and my body.

When I turned 20 the thought of becoming age 50 seemed like a remote galaxy far, far away. I abruptly turned 50 and realized I’ve been on this planet for fairly some time. I soon was looking at my body as a “vehicle”. I believed: “how a lot of years do I have left with my body”? Then it hit me:

1. I realized I had taken my well being for granted.
2. I had no idea what was going on inside my body.
three. I was afraid to understand the truth.

Then I looked at my body:

1. I weighed 100 pounds extra then I did in high school.
2. I smoked cigarettes for 20 years.(quit at 48)
3. Did my share of recreational indulgences.
four. No constant exercise program.
5. No notion the way to modify it.

I come from a sizable family members, numerous cousins, uncles, aunts and I located out:

1. Diabetes runs rampant in my family members.
2. As does prostate cancer.
3. Stroke was the main trigger of death for many family members.
4. Obesity runs in about half the family members.
five. Heart attacks and open heart surgery weren’t uncommon.

The cost of becoming sick is so tremendously costly. I had already been to enough funerals of my relatives to know the odds of this happening to me were pretty fantastic. I seriously had no concept tips on how to transform my body for the reason that anything I attempted never worked for incredibly lengthy.

I ended up at the Living Temple bookstore in Huntington Beach where I met Ian who told me about Pulse Electro Magnetic Field therapy.

He shared with me that the physique is made up of over 80 trillion cells. Every cell has its personal function and each and every cell demands power to retain its potential to maintain our physique going. The energy has to come from additional then water and food.

The Earth provides off a resonance that enables us to live on this planet and without having it we wouldn’t live quite extended. The very first cosmonaut in space discovered this just after only getting in earth’s orbit for less then two hours. Scientists came to the conclusion that being in space away from the earth’s power causes the body to deteriorate at a fast rate and that space travel would be not possible mainly because of our require for uninterrupted connection for the earth.

Most of us never stroll around the earth. We live above it in cement, higher rise buildings. We walk on artificial shoes and our carpets are made of man-made fibers. Modern day man has also turn into “disconnected” from the earth, and it typically shows in our lack of health.

Strain in the physique goes to the cellular level. In other words when we get stressed, this in impact causes the cells to put on down and drop their ability to completely function. More than time this causes the physique to put on down faster. Now you top this off with “electronic along with a chemical smog environment, poor consuming habits as well as a water system generally poisoned by fluoride, the odds of the physique breaking down as a result of these stresses enhance, especially just after age 50 goes up substantially.

Science discovered the best way to artificially create the Earth’s resonance in outer space. Scientists also found it could help man and woman on Earth. And so came PEMF devices like the QRS Quantron Resonance Program, the MRS2000 and other folks.

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