Get Ready For An Outback Adventure With 4X4 Accessories Sydney

4X4 AccessoriesAny adventure into the great Australian Outback should not be undertaken unless your 4×4 is adequately accessorised with high quality latest equipment that will help get your vehicle out of a tough spot. Read on to find out what accessories your favourite 4×4 should have before you proceed on your Outback adventure.

Rear Bars:

Install rear bars on your 4×4 (available at the accessories shop in Sydney). When rear bars are added to your 4×4, they not only provide added protection on the rear side but also offers a mounting point for spare wheel carriers or other requirements such as water or fuel cans, additional lights, mounting radio aerials and so forth. Also, if you add a hitch receiver built into the chassis, the rear bar can also double as a towbar. You could also select a rear bar with twin wheel carriers.

Where and how to buy rear bars:

The best place to buy your rear bar is of course at ( Ensure that the rare bar you buy is strong so it provides good protection for the rear and rear wings of your 4×4 and also and has a trouble-free construction making it easy to install at your friendly neighbourhood auto-garage. Go for Australian-make as local manufacturers have an excellent idea of what is required in the Outback versus imports.

Also, look out for rear bars that use traditional over-centre catches – these are vital because they won’t jam up in the Outback’s dusty conditions. Also opt for wings that taper up considerably so it does not hit the ground during an attempt to over rocks outcrop or cross a rock filled riverlet.

Next, make sure the highlift jack points are located at the corners. This is vital as it ensure you won’t need to open the wheel carrier to use them. We mention this because when you would be amazed at how many poorly designed rear bar’s are being sold. Also, if you have fitted your 4×4 with a rear view camera (who doesn’t?), be sure to place (or relocate if you have to), the camera on one of the spare tyres which has the number plate. You will find that this provides a far better view of the rear. In any case, test out the view and angle of rear view camera before you head out.

Western Australia made rear bars generally use good quality Australian steel, and are available with various Rola Roof Racks Perth combinations such as jerry can holders, wheel carriers, outboard motor holder. Some even have a high-lift jack bracket, a winch (to help you lift the spares wheels onto the carriers ), and even a light pole.

Budget to spend around $3,500 to $4,500 for a top-quality Australian made Kayak Carrier.